A Message from Ram Verma

I feel immensely happy to welcome you on the page where you can meet my ‘Competent Life Coaches’; and take your life to the next level with their assistance.
It has been a long-cherished dream of mine to create a competent team of life-changers, hope-generators and path-showers to the society; and make a positive change in the lives of students, youth, sportsperson, athletes, couples, senior citizens, corporate executives and individuals who seek transformation in their lives.

Amit Yadav

WEBSITE:   www.sanyayadav.com


Hi, I am amit yadav, #1 Amazon best selling author, MASTER NLP wellness coach and practitioner.
After suffering major back injury and trying to find the cure for own critical and chronic illness when all best doctors have suggested for urgent operation and after that very restricted lifestyle started reading books trying to find the cure for own illness that how people came out of incurable diseases, in search for cure started reading books on neuroscience, psychology, personal growth and development, spirituality, visualization, affirmation techniques, NLP and attending seminars from Indian trainers, and international trainers and started understanding mind-body connection. I was able to come back out of that major illness in this process I gained lots of weight and was 190 pounds. Frustrated with my own battles with gaining weight, emotional eating, and overeating, I truly believed my situation was permanent — that I would never be able to lose the extra fat. This are the same struggles which most of people fight with, I knew I had to change the way food made ME feel — to mentally condition myself so relationship with food would be beneficial.

With the strategies, tool and techniques that helped me not only to lose weight and maintain it but also gained a new mindset that keeps TILL motivated today. After coming out of this chronic and critical illness I felt blessed and understood I have gifted a second chance, after learning all these as a social responsibility that thousands of fellow countrymen could be benefited who don't have resources and time to read and attend seminars and learn these principles.